Sandia Sniper 12 Gallon Extractors

Features include: Induction motor cooling. Sandia's innovative air intakes use the vacuum's own cooling fan to pull cool outside air over the vacuum motors. This innovation reduces motor temperatures by up to 18%. The heated air pressurizes the motor cavity forcing the hot air to be expelled through the six slotted vents. Easy twist access port. Quick removal, won't freeze in place. Add an internal heater to any Sniper Extractor. Heats solution to 198°. Power may be split between two cords. Trigger sprayer holders for spotting chemicals and agitation brushes. Molded-in air deflector reduces turbulence within the recovery tank. Automatic vacuum restrictor. Angled vacuumed cavity removes all liquids. Top mounted vents dissipates the hottest air.


Sandia Sniper 2-500 Extractor - 2-Stage, 500 PSI

2-Stage, 500 PSI, ea
Manufacturer Part #80-2500

Sandia Sniper 2-500H Extractor - 2-Stage, 500 PSI, w/Heat

2-Stage, 500 PSI, w/Heat, ea
Manufacturer Part #80-2500-H